The 6 Common Types of Brothel Customers

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Everybody wants it, everybody needs but the thing is not everybody gets it!

Many people think that only single people suffer from a lack of sexual relief, but the truth is many men in a relationship are experiencing similar struggles.

This is where brothels and sex professionals come into play.

The most common type of customers that use brothels in Melbourne fit into one of following six categories.


1. The Married Man

He is one who’s often having martial issues. His wife may be withholding sex, she may be cheating on him and he wants revenge, or his married life isn’t allowing him to explore his own sexual desires such as role playing, anal, erotic massage and even something as simple as a blowjob.

So he seeks someone else who will do it for him.

2. The Unlucky-In Love Man

A lot of men don’t have much luck with the ladies and they turn to brothels and sex professionals for relief.

He may not have seen much action for quite some time so there’s the chance he is lacking confidence either due to his social standing or appearance. So it’s more likely than when he visits a brothel, he just starts talking and it’s hard to get him to stop.

More often than not, some of these men just seek the comfort of a lovely lady and the intimacy that he feels when simply speaking with one – he doesn’t necessarily want sex.

3. The Foot Fetishist

Most men have some type of fetish when it comes to sex. Whether they be body piercings, tattoos, leather or domination. But the most common out of all the fetishists is the foot fetish.

The men who have a foot fetish simply enjoy licking, sucking, and biting or kissing women’s foot – and they actually get off during the act.

When a man has a foot fetish he does not like dating women with ugly feet or toes; he seeks perfection.

4. The Cool Party Guy

This guy just wants an uninterrupted space to do his own thing without having to worry about someone busting in.

In a brothel, they are obligated to be discreet no matter what the circumstance is.

5. The Fantasy-Role Play Guy

These are the guys with many fantasies.

They enjoy having certain scenarios and will often bring their own costumes for themselves and the sex professional.

Comic book lovers, anime lovers and movie enthusiasts are who make up the majority of the role play guys that attend brothels in Melbourne.

6. The Want-A-Wife Guy

Is the type of guy that always has trouble getting a date, but all he wants to do is get married and settle down.

He will search escort and brothel sites until he finds the perfect woman. Once he has found her, he will hire her services on a regular basis, get to know her personally, shower her with presents or lavish gifts and then proposition her to be his wife.

It is quite common for men to seek women as wives through the use of escorts and brothels.

Don’t be fooled, there are many other types of men that use escorts and brothels for a variety of reasons and but the main thing is – they are going there to have sex.

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